Cromartie High School Review

Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School was a place where population was 100% delinquent, until it suddenly became 1% less. Takashi Kamiyama, is a mild-mannered above-average student, who enrols in the school and regularly writes to his mother about his current student life at school. You’d think that he be bullied non-stop for the rest of his life right? Wrong! As twisted as the logic seems, everyone thinks he is the baddest bad guy in the school, for “only a really tough rabbit would lie down among lions”. As everyone has an average IQ of 50, which is quite low, only hilarious laughs and situations will follow.

Each episode is roughly 12 minutes long but don’t be fooled by the short length of each episode for what lacks in video time, makes up in the high quality of comedy. As common sense is chucked out the window, and logic is thrown in the trash can, only stupidity and primitive minds will survive in this wilderness.

The graphics of the anime are quite simple and the background rarely changes much. For those anime fans who crave for high quality detail and scenery, don’t go yet as this was purposely not the intention of the series. This was done to bring out and hit the spotlight on what this anime really shined out for, the brilliant characters and their wacky punch lines.

The anime focuses on Kamiyama as the main character and also his delinquent friends which play a big part too. What really makes this anime great are the characters. There’s a robot that seems to not realise he is one (but no one ever dares speak up), a gorilla who is the most intelligent of them all and then there’s Freddie, a rock-star looking guy who can, uh, do anything. Oh yeah not to forget the plane hijacker who somehow ends up here (no spoilers sorry) among many other wacky characters.

So is anyone human or at least a humanoid? Thankfully yes…and no. Kamiyama’s most prominent friend is inarguably Hayashida, who has a purple Mohawk which seems to be alive. Throughout the show, more characters show up and enter the comedy making double the laughter. If I had to recommend a show with an excellent character cast, this would definitely be in my top picks.

cromartie high school episode 9

There is no definite storyline given the 12 minute long episodes but that does not really matter if you’re here to watch a random, pointless, comedy anime. Rather it is about random events that happen (or they made it happen) in their school life. This is completely fine because it suits the series quite comfortably, so no complaints from me.

Give us subs, not dubs! Yes the chant of the English anime otaku but this anime is quite the exception. Superb dubbing of the anime makes this a prime example that dubs can be good when done right. How I know this? Because even when it is dubbed it still retains the funny factor superbly well. Now you can laugh your head off without reading every line. Pretty neat.

In conclusion if you’re looking for a comedy anime series or 10 minute time waster, I highly recommend this to all. Here comedy is the king!

Below is a scene from the anime. Enjoy!


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