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Steins gate mad scientist

This is the choice of the Steins Gate! Like a precious pearl whom many seek, Steins Gate is undeniably one of the best anime ever made to date! The Future Gadget Lab, headed Okabe Rintarou A.K.A Hououin Kyouma (the mad scientist), funnily enough, transforms their own microwave into a device that can send mobile text messages into the past. With the ability to send these messages called D-Mail into the past, they race against time (literally) to beat SERN, an organisation currently researching time travel and bent on using it to control the future.

The theory is if a butterfly flaps its’ wings in Texas, that small and miniscule disturbance in the wind may very well cause a tornado in Brazil. You may have heard of this being refered to as the “butterfly effect” and it plays a major role in Steins Gate. The plot is superbly well put and woven together. With Steins Gate being a Sci-Fi, Psychological themed anime, it is far from boring or dull and constantly keeps your grey matter thinking (or rather mind-blowing in my case). Using their modified microwave to send messages to the past, they are able to warn their past self of things that has happened to them in the future. By sending messages to the past, you change the future, you change others and you change YOURSELF, and only YOU are the only one who actually remembers the original “today.” Pretty freaky, eh? But it isn’t so simple as it is. Everytime you send a message a message to your “past” self, the outcome isn’t what it you expected to be. This is because of the “butterfly effect” coming into play. As Okabe (the mad scientist) tries to sort out present problems using D-mail, it causes more and more “butterfly effects,” as he keeps changing himself, others and the world’s future. When the world changes, you are in another world. These many worlds, caused by the “butterfly effect” and major turning points in history, are known as World Lines. With high-detailed animation and seamless pleasant art, Steins Gate without doubt makes an excellent serve of pure mind blow.

Characters in Steins Gate are not in the least underdeveloped. Every character is fleshed out, even the minor plays a major. Mad scientist Okabe is the most intriguing of the bunch, but also is the most tortured in the anime. With constantly changing time, others, and himself, he is the one who only goes through it all. It’s not fun. Think of it like watching someone die, over and over again, except everytime in a different situation. With his jolly crew from the Future Gadget Lab to help him, they overcome obstacle over obstacle. Romance ensues and eventually effects Okabe who has to choose between love or a better future. True love in a dystopian world or a broken and regretful heart in world of peace. Which would you choose?

As much as man wants to change the past, man does not consider the consequences of doing so. What makes a person is how they live their life. Alert viewers may be able to grasp the subtle messages the producers are giving. Don’t mess with time. Since we can neither move backward or forward, we all must make the most of what we have today.

In conclusion to one of man’s greatest creation of art, it is a definite watch for all interested in a deep (very deep) Psychological,  Sci-Fi thriller. To the avid anime viewer and connoisseur alike, I bid you many sleepless nights to gaze and marvel upon this work of art. Signing out.

El Psy Congroo

Steins Gate tsundere

Steins Gate Suzuha

Steins Gate Hououin Kyouma

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2 comments on “Steins;Gate Review

  1. Wow. I really must watch this. It’s funny but… I spend a lot of time thinking about how changing minor circumstances of my life would have changed its overall course.

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