Steins;Gate Review


Steins gate mad scientist

This is the choice of the Steins Gate! Like a precious pearl whom many seek, Steins Gate is undeniably one of the best anime ever made to date! The Future Gadget Lab, headed Okabe Rintarou A.K.A Hououin Kyouma (the mad scientist), funnily enough, transforms their own microwave into a device that can send mobile text messages into the past. With the ability to send these messages called D-Mail into the past, they race against time (literally) to beat SERN, an organisation currently researching time travel and bent on using it to control the future. Continue reading


Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Review

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ars Nova

By 2039, global warming has caused the sea levels to rise, forcing mankind to push back inland as it engulfed large parts of the world’s land. As this event was occurring, a fleet of mysterious warships appears out of nowhere, clad in a mist, known as “Fleet of Fog,” and starts attacking ships all over the world. In response to stop their attacks, humanity musters all its’ military strength to battle them out but they are utterly destroyed by the Fleet of Fog’s powerful super-weapons. With mankind’s military strength defeated, the Fleet of Fog takes over and blockades naval trade routes, taking total control of the seas. Seven years later after this tragic event took place, a submarine called I-401 from the Fleet of Fog, suddenly appears before a naval cadet, Gunzo Chihaya. The sub, powered by a humanoid life form, comes to Gunzo offering him to be its commander. The future and hope of humanity now rests on his shoulders…

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